Left: November 2018, Weighing 78kgs Right: September 2020 weighing 64kgs (14kgs lost)

Des Before and After Pics  

A lot of customers have asked me how I lost so much weight over the last couple of years. This is my weight loss story. 

When I was 15, Eileen Ford came to Cape Town, I was 5 foot 10 and about 65 kg's. She said to my mom that if I lost 5 kg's, I had a place in her model agency in New York. I promptly put on the 5kg’s (instead of losing it) and that was the beginning of my battle with my weight loss.

Sadly, I have always been an emotional eater and I can tell you that I have been on one diet or another my entire life. From counting calories to injections to weighing my food, basically every single diet known to man. I had some successes, but I always promptly packed it back on. I exercised, I trained, I ran but I never managed to lose weight that stayed off.

And then a miracle happened, one of my staff members told me about this amazing tablet called Sutherlandia OPC. I started taking it on the 11th of November 2018. I had 6 weeks of quite a hectic detox; headaches, a runny tummy, constipation, I felt lethargic, tired and I had a bad taste in my mouth. After about 5 weeks the detox was over. The tablet turned me off wine which was crazy because I love wine, but thankfully my passion for wine and food soon came back.  I basically just had a good detox! I continued to take 1 tablet each night, got on with life and almost forgot about it. About 2 - 3 months later, while trying on clothes, a couple of staff members in the studio said, “Wow Des, your figure is changing!” My back fat (where all my alcohol used to sit) and my upper arms were shrinking. And then week after week I continued to shred kilo's. I remember having movements in my tummy which felt like I was having a clean out of my bowels, it has been unbelievable.

Not once ever (and November will be my two-year anniversary) have I gone on a diet or exercised and yet my figure has totally transformed. In the beginning I was taking a mild anti-depressant which after a few months I decided to throw out. I was on sleeping tablets and I threw them away. I have just been taking one of these tablets per night for almost the last 2 years, and I have shaped in all the right places. I now have muscle tone!! It has been a fundamental game changer for me. I would say that it is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me besides my children and honest to God if I could share this with the whole world, I would, because feeling unhappy with one’s weight and not loving oneself is a horrible thing. I am happier now, I am 64kg's, I am more energized, I am more positive. Of course, I have grumpy days, I am still human, but Sutherlandia OPC has 100% changed my life. It is fantastic, it is a miracle tablet. I really stand behind this product and would recommend it for anyone. I honestly believe that it is a gift in a bottle.

You can BUY “Brand New Me” from their website or from any of our stores which are acting as pick up points for the product. BRAND NEW ME.