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  • Choc/Charc Lux SuperSoft Scarf

    R650.00 R325.00

    A selection of warm winter scarves in prints and textures to suit any mood or event. Wear this chocolate charcoal lux supersoft scarf around your neck in a dozen different ways or throw over your shoulders like a shawl.

    50% Rayon / 50% Viscose. Hand wash in cold water.

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  • Choc/Mint Print Silk Scarf

    R280.00 R140.00

    Introduced by the famous haute couture brand Hermes. Wear this choc mint print silk scarf around your neck, on your head, tied to your bag, or on your shoulders, a square scarf will accessorise your look for any occasion. Pick different patterns and be different every day.

    30% Silk / 70% Viscose. Hand wash in cold water.

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